Helping schools, teams, clubs 

FanAngel Foundation exists to help schools, teams, bands, clubs...and anyone who needs to navigate modern fundraising. 

The Problem

Fundraising has become a necessary evil for so many schools, sports team, bands and various clubs. So much so, that coaches and teachers begin to believe that fundraising is their primary function. 

But coaches, teachers, and band directors aren't professional fundraisers, nor should they be. Keeping up on tax rules, figuring out which fundraising companies are reputable, understanding what technologies really work, and what fundraisers return the most for the level of effort is a lot of work. 

A Solution

FanAngel Foundation is here to help. We don't give legal advice, but we do know a lot about the ins-and-outs of fundraising law (and it's tricky). Plus, we are experts at what really works, what fundraiser are cost effective, which build community and support around your program, and which to watch out for.  And we are happy to share our knowledge for FREE! 

So, before launching that next fundraise, reach out. Tell us what you are planning and we'll be happy to point you in a good direction.

As FanAngel Foundation grows, we plan to include a Fundraising Tips and Best practices blog and include a message board for those common questions. Keep an eye out.

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